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Course Sponsorships

  • Network with Doctors, Hygienists & Dental Staff, as well as internationally recognized speakers. 
  • Interact with the attendees during non-educational intermissions, such as breaks, meals, before the course begins and after its completion, to promote products and services
               • *Products and service cannot be promoted or sold while the course is
                   in session. All sales and promotion must be handled during course
                   intermissions in our separate break room.
  • Company name will be promoted on, as well as marketing pieces, such as; 
               •   Blast faxes to over 38,000 dental offices throughout the
                   United States and Canada.
               •   Emails to over 50,000 dentists throughout the United States & Canada
               •   Brochures to our entire past participant list including all dentists from
                   New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware,
                   Maryland, Virginia, & Rhode Island. 

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On-Site Sponsorship Options:

- Lecture only
- Hands-On

Co-Sponsor (non-competing):
- Lecture only
- Hands-On

Off-Site Sponsorship Options:

In addition to the options above,

Table Inside And Outside Lecture Room

General Sponsor (Outside Lecture Room):

- One Day Only

For additional information & pricing, please contact: 

Maria Brown - Sponsor Liaison    |    201-342-2204

Please feel free to submit your questions, concerns or comments in the submission box provided.

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