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Sponsor Testimonials


It was my first interaction with NJHPDI, facilities were great. Went well.”

”My opinion, it’s great. Room is great, provide breakfast and lunch. Turn key. Very well done.”

   – Christopher Utz


"9 over all, food was amazing. Interaction was great. No negative feedback."

   – Mark Minuto


"It’s a very great course and the subjects that NJHPDI provide are to the point.  Intrigues the doctors.  We find new doctors present at courses and it’s a very good turnout."

   – Jay Kim


“Very organized, you guys stand out because of how organized you are.”

   – Jennifer Anderson


Solution Reach

"I am a dental hygienist and enjoyed the course. All around very positive for us. I look forward to the next sponsorship. Teresa Duncan gave us 5-10minutes after lunch to speak to the attendees and that was extremely helpful for us to make a sale."

   – Gail Mainiero

Nobilium Ticonium

“Your organization is a lot more in touch. More homey feeling.”

"The reason why we sponsor is so we can close the gap between the manufacturer and the doctor. Help dentists to understand the making of the appliances that they are making.”

   – Lenny Ricci


Whip Mix

Everything was perfect; can’t think of anything that would need improvement. We were included in the lunch, and we had enough time to talk with the attendees, a lot of interaction.”

Thought it was an excellent location and usually in other courses you’re nowhere near the course/room.” 

   – Jason Radziewicz