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The Ultimate Dental Materials Update 2020 with Dr. Gary Alex & Dr. Damon Adams
(Rescheduled date October 24th)

May 1 @ 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

What do general dentists, restorative dentists, prosthodontists and their clinical assistants all have in common? They all use restorative materials! Join us for a comprehensive 2 day lecture given by two nationally renowned experts in the field, Dr. Gary Alex and Dr. Damon Adams.

Presenter: Gary Alex, DMD, & Damon Adams, DDS
Date: Friday & Saturday, May 1 - 2, 2020
Time8:30am - 4:30pm (both days)
Sponsored by: 3M Oral Care, BISCO Dental Products, Blue Light Analytics & DMG America
Location: 1060 Main Street, Suite 201, River Edge, NJ 07661

CE Credits: 14
AGD Code: 610 & 010
Subject: Fixed Prosthodontics & Basic Science (Dental Materials) Lecture
*Breakfast & Lunch Included


Day 1 Direct Restoration Materials (Composites & More): 

Presented by Dr. Gary Alex

This course is consistently one of the highest rated and best attended programs at major dental meetings!

Direct composites, adhesives, liners and bases, pulp capping materials, light polymerization and more! Materials and techniques that will allow you to do better, more predictable and more profitable dentistry!

Direct composites and other bonded restorations are the "bread and butter" of the majority of general dental practices.  The successful placement of these restorations requires an understanding of the materials being utilized, the substrate being bonded to, and a logical and precise clinical protocol.

This program will share with you very specific techniques and guidelines based on the latest research, materials, and adhesives that will make placing composite and other restorations more predictable and profitable.  Many of the controversies and confusion surrounding adhesive and composite dentistry will be discussed.

  • Understanding the dynamics of composite polymerization…how do you minimize polymerization shrinkage stress?
  • Understanding different adhesive systems and how to optimize their performance.
  • The very latest materials for direct and indirect pulp capping.
  • How to achieve predictable interproximal contacts.
  • Understanding different placement techniques and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Resin modified glass ionomers, flowable composites, “bioactive” materials…Do you need them? If so what do you use where?
  • SDF (silver diamine fluoride) ...what's all the hype?
  • Should you be using antimicrobial solutions to manage bacteria? If so...what works best?
  • Bulk Cure” composites…good thing or bad thing?
  • Sonic” fill systems…What’s the story?
  • Want good composite adaptation....then heat up your composite!
  • Minimizing post-operative sensitivity.
  • Bonding lights…your best friend or your worst enemy?
  • Fast or slow polymerization…does it really matter?
  • MMP inhibition…the next adhesive paradigm?
  • When are you better off with an indirect restoration?

Day 2 Indirect Restoration Materials (Ceramics & More): 

Presented by Dr. Damon Adams

In this information-packed scientific program, Dr. Adams, from his unique perspective as editor-in-chief of one of North America's leading clinical and news journals, will present an engaging presentation focused on current trends, controversies and innovations. He will be placing a special emphasis on a variety of clinical and treatment planning tips designed to assist the dentist and team in choosing and successfully implementing the latest lab-fabricated all-ceramic dental materials and treatment protocols.

This science-based presentation is recommended for doctors and dental laboratory technicians.

Topics Covered (As time allows):

  • A review of some of the latest trends, developments, and innovations in dentistry
  • Learn ways to minimize all-ceramic failures/fractures
  • 100% zirconium restorations: Evidence-based data versus future challenges?
  • Update on the new hybrid polycrystalline ceramics: recommendations on implementation
  • Latest preparation and core build-up requirements for lithium disilicate and monolithic zirconia restorations
  • Review and update of the latest translucent zirconia options: indications, special cautions, and future challenges
  • Update on cementation protocols and bioactive cements for lab-fabricated materials
  • An update on surface treatments for all-ceramics. Making it much simpler!
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning considerations for lab-fabricated restorative materials
  • A brief update on revolutionary developments in direct composite resin materials and long-term provisional materials.
  • Latest trends in composite resin injection-molded techniques and composite resin options for complex cases
  • A brief review of some of the latest CAD/CAM/scanning and printing technologies for the dental office
  • And more, as time allows!

After taking day two of this course, the attendee:

  • Will be able to identify the latest overall trends in dental materials and technologies in dentistry
  • Will have a better understanding of every class of all-ceramic materials, their proper selection, and certain key treatment planning principles
  • Will learn specific treatment planning principles for all-ceramics and other lab-fabricated materials
  • Will learn why all-ceramics are not always the best choice and be shown examples of how leaders in dentistry are implementing the latest in minimally invasive techniques
  • Will be introduced to a new composite resin system that simplifies material choices and immediately improves aesthetic success rates
  • Will be introduced to a recently introduced technology capable of detecting interproximal caries better than digital radiography
  • Will be introduced to a technology that can detect, quantify, and monitor dental erosion
  • Will be introduced to new endodontic technologies that will have a dramatic impact on the strength and longevity of involved teeth
  • Will learn why all the latest zirconia materials are not created equal and the many clinical implications involved with this challenge
  • Will learn the current indications and prep design requirements for the use of lithium disilicate and monolithic zirconia restorations
  • Will be able to define two different strength tests that allow the clinician to better compare all-ceramic materials, and understand the clinical significance of these precisely measured values
  • Will learn about the specific strengths and weaknesses of the new class of translucent zirconia materials
  • Will better understand the some of the future challenges facing clinicians due to the overuse and misuse of monolithic zirconia
  • Will learn preparation design requirements needed for success with high-strength all ceramic materials
  • Will learn the important principles for polishing high-strength all-ceramics and how this directly relates to longevity and wear factors
  • Will learn a step-by-step protocol for minimally invasive anterior veneers preps using an aesthetic pre-evaluative temporary technique
  • Will learn a step-by-step protocol for core build-ups for high strength all-ceramic materials that will help prevent future clinical challenges
  • Will be given a synopsis of the latest cementation protocols for all-ceramic materials and learn a protocol for surface treatments for lab-fabricated restorations

Learn about the iatrogenic damage is being done to certain restorative surfaces with current in-office protocols and what can be done to stop it

About the Speaker

Gary Alex, DMD

Dr. Gary Alex

Dr. Alex attended Penn State University on an athletic scholarship where he graduated with a degree in Biology in 1977.  He then took advanced level graduate courses in chemistry and biology before working at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia.   He attended Tufts University Dental School where he earned his DMD in 1981.  He has taken thousands of hours of continuing dental education over the last 35 years with an emphasis on occlusion, adhesion, comprehensive dentistry, materials, and esthetics.

Dr. Alex has researched and lectured internationally on adhesive and cosmetic dentistry, dental materials, comprehensive dentistry, and occlusion.  He is an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and past president of the AACD New York Chapter.  With a background in chemistry and adhesive technology, he is a consultant for numerous dental manufacturers and member of the IADR (International Association of Dental Research).  He has written and had published numerous scientific articles and papers and regularly conducts and participates in scientific studies on materials and adhesives.  He has studied occlusion extensively with Dr. Peter Dawson (Center for Advanced Dental Study) and the late Dr. Bob Lee (Lee Institute) and is a member of the AES (American Equilibration Society).  He has been the director of “PAC Live Ultimate Occlusionand “Aesthetic Advantage Occlusion and Comprehensive Dentistry programs.  He is co-founder of the “Long Island Center for Advanced Dentistry” which provides the advanced continuing education training for dentists through lecture and hands-on programs. Dr. Alex is on the editorial board of, and has had a number of articles published in, the highly respected and peer-reviewed publications "Inside Dentistry", "Compendium, “Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry”, and “Functional Esthetics and Restorative Dentistry”.  Dr. Alex is involved with a number of continuing education programs and regularly conducts hands-on programs and lectures on adhesion, porcelain veneers, direct and indirect restorations, materials, and occlusion.  Dr. Alex maintains a busy fee for service practice in Huntington, NY, that is geared toward comprehensive prosthetic and cosmetic dentistry.

About the Speaker

Damon Adams, DDS

Dr. Damon Adams

Dr. Damon C. Adams, a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, is an assistant clinical professor at the University of Toledo, College of Medicine, Division of Dentistry. He lectures internationally focusing on updates in dental materials, the latest trends and innovations in dentistry, doctor-technician relationships, and techno-clinical perspectives. Dr. Adams is the editor-in-chief of Dentistry Today and is listed in Dentistry Today’s Leaders in Continuing Education.

Dr. Adams is a member of the ADA, AGD, AACD, ASDA, and the National Association of Dental Laboratories. He is a Fellow in the ICD.

"One of the best courses held - makes you think! I learned to be careful with advertised products, especially new products. Learn which material would work better in different patients"

-Dr. Jennifer Chin, Pearl River, NY

"Excellent. Dr. Alex is well spoken, extremely knowledgeable and engaging as a lecturer. NJHPDI was convenient to get to and a wide variety of products/techniques were shown which I found informative. It was the best restorative lecture I have participated in"

-Dr. Stephen Dadaian, Creskill, NJ

"Course was very informative. Speaker was well informed and able to communicate the material in an organized fashion"

-Dr. Cynthia Jetter, Voorhees, NJ

"I learned lots of practical tips and new information that I can put into practice immediately. Also, comprehensiveness of instructor allowed for review of many important things forgotten in years of practice"

-Dr. Gretchen Seibert, Frostburg, MD

"Learned about the basic and most important information on restoring with different types of ceramics. Definitely will be paying more attention on what material my lab is using"

-Dr. Manveen Kaur, Wood Ridge, NJ

"One of the most complete presentations on direct restoratives to date. Excellent update of current trends in direct composites and adhesives dentistry. Most current information"

-Dr. Anthony Corello, Westfield, NJ

"I learned the proper way to evaluate each individual for ceramic crowns on an individual basis/not one size fits all. Lots of streamlined, precise information that brought clarity to ceramics in dentistry from prep to insertion. Dynamic lecturer"

-Dr. Tracey Joseph, Brooklyn, NY

"One of the best real-world dentistry courses I've been to in a long time"

-Dr. Dina Jackson, Hackensack, NJ


Dentist $750   |   Staff: $375

early registration $200 off by 3/15/20 (applies to dentists only)