Comprehensive Sinus Lifts: Transcrestal Sinus Floor Elevation & Lateral Approach 2 Day Hands On with Dr. David Chong

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Presenter: David Chong, DDS
Date: Friday & Saturday, August 2-3, 2019
Time: 8:30am - 4:30pm (both days)
Sponsored by: Hiossen
Location: 1060 Main Street Suite 201, River Edge, NJ 07661

CE Credits: 14
AGD Code: 310
Subject: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Participation
*Breakfast & Lunch Included


Course Description:

Comprehensive Sinus Lifts: Transcrestal Sinus Floor Elevation & Lateral Approach

This comprehensive, interactive two-day course provides an opportunity for participants to expand their knowledge base and clinical skills to allow for management of simple maxillary sinus cases. This course will cover choosing the most appropriate Sinus Lift approach; Crestal versus Lateral. Through the use of lecture and participation activities, doctors will learn how to perform the transcrestal augmentation technique utilizing the CAS Kit to build bone in the posterior maxilla. Day two will cover the Lateral Approach using the LASK Kit for a fast and safe approach to graft bone while lifting the sinus membrane. Emphasis will be placed on simple and practical approaches to place dental implants simultaneously with sinus lift on flat or inclined sinus floor.

Day 1 - Crestal Approach

In the posterior maxilla, residual bone height is limited by the presence of the sinus and often plays a key factor in the placement of dental implants. A sinus lift is the ideal approach (when evaluating an atrophic maxillary ridge with deficiency in vertical height) to build additional bone in order to place a solid and stable implant. The Crestal Approach Sinus Kit (CAS-Kit) is the superlative tool for performing this procedure because it combines the advantage of high volume bone placement of the lateral window approach with the simplicity of the transcrestal approach. The CAS Kit makes this treatment option more accessible than ever.

By the end of this day participants will have gained:

  • Proficiency in the anatomy of the sinus
  • Conventional transcrestal sinus lift technique using osteotome verses contemporary approach to lift sinus technique using various tools
  • Familiarity with the indications and contraindications of transcrestal approach sinus lift
  • Understanding indications and contraindications using various bone graft materials
  • Awareness of the advantages and limitations of using a transcrestal approach
  • Complication managements
  • Elevated surgical skills through practice on a sinus model

Day 2 - Lateral Approach

The Lateral Approach Sinus Kit (LASK) is specifically designed for a fast and safe lateral approach to graft bone, lifting the sinus membrane. The LASK offers various usages depending on the oral anatomy and surgical plane.

The LASK contains a dome drill to create a lateral window, a wide dome drill to widen the window and a core drill that can create a core bone lid which can be used to seal the window without additional membrane. The LASK consists of:

  • Dome and Core drills to create a lateral window
  • Stopper system to prevent excessive and over drilling
  • Dome drill that allows for exceptional cutting ability through the combined use of macro and micro blades
  • Core drill, which allows for a continued successful design concept of the CAS drills
  • Wide dome drill and side wall drill to enlarge the window

This Course Will Cover: 

  • Anatomy Oriented Surgical Technique (AOST)
  • Lateral Window Approach
    • Indications and imitations
    • Traditional lateral window Augmentation Technique
    • Lateral window Augmentation using Piezotome
    • Lateral window Augmentation using LAS-Kit
  • Sinus complication and management
  • How to maximize bone regeneration at the sinus cavity
  • Understanding sinus wound healing

Hands-On exercises will be performed both days on models.

  • Various techniques for successful sinus crestal approach
  • Osteotome & highspeed reamer & hydraulic pressure
  • AOST technique for lateral approach
  • Lateral & crestal approach
  • Sinus membrane repair technique for torn membrane
  • Management of Mucous retention cyst

Upon Completion of this two day course, attendees will learn:

  • Selection criteria of crestal vs lateral sinus approach
  • How to obtain initial stability at the sinus floor
  • Various crestal sinus approaches
    • hydraulic pressure technique
    • anatomy oriented lateral sinus technique
  • Complications management
  • Sinus membrane repair technique and management of mucous retention cyst.
  • Maximizing bone regeneration at sinus cavity and sinus wound healing.

About the Speaker

David Chong, DDS

Dr. David Chong

Dr. David Chong is the Senior Course Director of the Basic and Advanced Dental Implant Training courses for AIC Education and has been a premiere lecturer since 2007. He is regularly invited to lecture to dentists all over the world and this year alone has taught in Canada, Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan and numerous US cities. Dr. Chong is a Consultant and Advisor for the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry and serves as a Faculty Member for the New York University College of Dentistry's Surgical and Prosthetic Implant Treatment Program. He continuously pursues the latest developments and advancements in dentistry and implantology.

Dr. Chong received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from New York University and later completed their two year Surgical and Prosthetic Implantology Program. He completed his residency at Wyckoff Hospital and Flushing Hospital in New York. Dr. Chong maintains a successful general dentistry practice and serves the community of Queens, NY. He has a passion for his work and show sensitivity towards patients' needs. He is currently a Fellow and Diplomat of the International Congress of Oral Implantology.

"This course was spectacular. Informative, interesting and engaging. Very high yield."

- Dr. Jason Tartagni, Milford, CT

"Dr. Chong is always updating his lecture to give the most current information on implantology. Dr. Chong’s hand-out can be used as a clinical manual (step-by-step) for the techniques he presented."

- Dr. Tony Corello, Westfield, NJ

"Excellent didactic and hands-on.  Good for beginner and experienced surgeons...Straight to the point.  Tools and information given easily incorporated into dental practice. "

- Dr. Robert Martini, Emerson, NJ

"Dr. Chong was excellent; knowledgeable, professional and great personality"

- Dr. Carl Waltke, Old Tappan, NY

"Excellent - clear and to the point. Full of tips that are useful. Made it easy to learn and want to do it again."

- Dr. Biagio Iannace, Scarsdale, NY

"Great course. Dr. Chong is an enthusiastic speaker who keeps your attention all day!"

- Dr. Shakeel Ahmed, Cranbury, NJ

"Excellent - facility is comfortable and accessible. Dr. Chong is an outstanding lecturer with a passion for his topic -providing real practical information (both theoretical and treatment based)."

- Dr. Larry Honigman, Hartsdale, NY

"This course is absolutely fantastic. Dr. Chong is engaging, entertaining and omniscient."

- Dr. Joseph Dumanski, Coram, NY

"Very worthwhile. Dr. Chong is a highly enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging speaker. He displays an obvious passion for his subject matter and teaching"

- Dr. Steven Sessler, Cuba, NY

"Excellent. Dr. Chong is highly knowledgeable and his presentation skills are superb. His sense of humor is engaging and excellent."

- Dr. Tal Lebel, Haworth, NJ


Dentist $1,590

*limited to 24 attendees


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