Straighten Anterior Crowding Quickly & Effectively: IAS Inman Aligner Certification Training (HANDS-ON) with Dr. Stephen M. Miller


Presenter: Stephen M. Miller, DMD
Date: Friday, March 22, 2019
Time: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Sponsored by: Inman Orthodontic Laboratories
Location: 1060 Main Street, Suite 201, River Edge, NJ 07661

CE Credits: 7
AGD Code: 370
Subject: Orthodontics Participation
​*Breakfast & Gourmet Lunch Included


Inman Aligner is the most efficient anterior appliance on the market to correct anterior crowding-bar none. This revolutionary appliance can be used as a stand –alone treatment to straighten anterior teeth. Or, alternatively, it can be paired with bleaching and bonding (ABB) in a three-fold strategy to deliver cosmetic and reparative treatment to patients. Inman Aligner is a patented orthodontic appliance that creates gentle, steady pressure to help shift anterior teeth into the correct anatomical position. It is ideal for adult patients with mild to moderate crowding. Inman Aligner is considered a minimally invasive approach to cosmetic dentistry that can often replace more aggressive approaches such as crowns and veneers. The total treatment time for each case is only 6 to 16 weeks.

In this course, Dr. Stephen M. Miller, an engaging speaker and veteran educator, will teach you how to 1) make the correct assessment, 2) formulate your diagnosis, 3) develop your treatment plan, and 4) coach you in the appropriate treatment methods using Inman Aligner for optimal patient outcomes. Plus you’ll have access to a range of post-education resources to help you become an authority on Inman Aligner.

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Course Outline:

Morning Lecture:

  • Introduction and History of Spring Aligners
  • Science & Mechanics of Inman Aligner
  • Occlusion & Function
  • Case Selection: Assessing Patients, Selecting Cases
  • Diagnosis: Arch Evaluation, Space Calculation, Inter-Proximal Reduction (IPR), & Retention
  • Detailed and Varied Case Presentations
  • Inman Aligner use before Veneers & Ethical considerations
  • Usage of Clear Aligners/Essix Retainers

Hands-On Training: 1:00pm-4:30pm

  • Case section & Planning
  • Arch Evaluation 7 landmark/Functional Points
  • Composite Button Placement for Force Direction
  • Inter-Proximal Reduction & Understanding Ethical Progressive Space Creation
  • Adjusting Aligner & Problem Solving
  • Retention Protocol & Placement

Notes: Attendees are encouraged to bring models of prospective cases for review. They should also bring loupes and a few bonding instruments and their favorite flowable resin.

About the Speaker

Stephen M. Miller, DMD

Dr. Stephen M. Miller

Dr. Miller is one of only two dentists in the United States that has been retained to educate dentists about how to assess, diagnose, and formulate treatment protocols using the patented Inman Aligner™.  Dr. Miller is a recipient of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) Fellowship and Mastership awards (MAGD) and has, as well, received Lifelong Learning & Service Recognition reserved for AGD Masters.  His practice includes general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services.  Recognized by Pittsburgh Magazine as a “Top Dentist,” Dr. Miller is dedicated to helping dentists succeed in the new age of dentistry through practice innovations, technology, and top-line revenue growth.  An engaging speaker and dedicated teacher, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to become a certified provider of Inman Aligner™.

Here's What Past Attendees Have Said About This Course

"Liked the hands-on session - Dr. Miller was great"

"Course was very polished"

"Liked the unique design for intervention an anterior crowding"

"Liked the easy going, laid back atmosphere"

"Ready to start a case immediately"

"Would definitely recommend this course to others!"


Dentist $995

*Limited to 24 Attendees


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