Immediate Placement & Temporization of Dental Implants in the Esthetic Zone (HANDS-ON) with Dr. Zachary Papadakis



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Course Description:

The modern day implant dentist can no longer follow protocols for implant dentistry that were established decades ago. Patient demands, modern techniques and an understanding of what will allow us to achieve the best results are driving the field of implant dentistry. To be a complete implant dentist, we must be able to perform techniques that will help us preserve the hard and soft tissues that are present around the patient’s natural teeth.

Immediate placement and immediate placement with immediate temporization is a critical set of procedures that all implant dentists will need to become familiar with or be left behind by the rest of the pack. Not only are the results ideal when the criteria and protocols are followed, but patient acceptance is unlike any other implant treatment. We can predictably and easily keep all of the peri implant tissues intact by using the right protocols.

This course consists of three portions: There is an intense lecture/didactic portion that will present all of the rationale, criteria, and clinical procedures necessary to perform these procedures. There will be videos of live surgeries and restoration fabrication so the participants can see the actual procedures being performed. Finally there is a hands on portion that will allow the participants to actually place the implants, graft the sockets around the implant and fabricate the provisional restorations. You will be able to return to your practice and get right to work performing all of the procedures with confidence.

By the Conclusion of This Course, the Participant Will Be Able To:

  • Identify when we can immediately place and load dental implants
  • Learn the criteria to follow to lead you to success.
  • Principles of atraumatic extraction.
  • Hard tissue grafting at time of placement, do we need it?
  • 3d positioning of the implant for esthetic success
  • Fabrication of provisional restoration, and provisional options
  • Impression making for predictable results
  • Non surgical tissue manipulation through the use of temporary restorations

Hands-On Portion:

During our hands on portion of the course. Participants will be learning proper protocol for tooth extraction with the emphasis on bone and tissue preservation. Participants will then place a dental implant with emphasis on proper 3D positioning and bone grafting. We will then fabricate a provisional restoration that will properly support the peri implant soft tissue which will result in an ideal result.

The following will be performed during the Hands-On portion:

  • Tooth extraction principles and technique
  • Osteotomy preparation
  • Implant placement and 3D positioning
  • Provisional restoration fabrication

About the Speaker

Zachary Papadakis, DDS, FAGD

Dr. Zachary Papadakis

Dr Zachary Papadakis received his doctorate degree from New York University College of Dentistry in 1993. He immediately entered the post graduate program in Prosthodontics and Occlusion and graduated as a Prosthodontist in 1995. He then completed in 1999 the 2 year CDE program at NYU for the Surgical and Prosthetic treatment of Dental Implants.

Dr Papadakis is an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Prosthodontics at New York University, he teaches in the Implant Program where he is the Prosthetic Director. He is also the assistant Director of the 3rd year advanced Implant Program. Dr Papadakis has lectured nationally on Implant Dentistry as well as Removable and Fixed Prosthodontics. He holds a Fellowship in the ICOI as well as the AGD. Dr Papadakis maintains a private practice on the upper east side of Manhattan where he works full time.


"Dr. Papadakis gave a clear and simple presentation of the immediate temporization technique. Very easy to follow protocols that will allow you to do this technique Monday morning." 

Dr. Anthony Corello, Westfield, NJ

"Great course, useful information I can use tomorrow in my practice. Great lecturer, great depth of knowledge." 

Dr. Jake Wallach, Nyack, NY

"It is a great course and Dr. Papadakis explained everything very well" 

Dr. Murray Fryd, Brooklyn, NY

"I really enjoyed and was engaged with the topics discussed and practiced in the course. It really gave me more confidence and demystified how to approach immediate implant placement in different situations and temporize them."" 

Dr. Vishal Patel, Montville, NJ

"Excellent instructor and course content. A must for any dentist who places or wants to place implants"

"It is a great course, like his way of lecturing. Nice pace. Best part was the hands-on portion which really makes it clear and precise on what needs to be done chairside" 

Dr. Surpeet Arora, Carlsbad, NM

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